Signature Massage Therapy, LLC
Founded by a Licensed Massage Therapist in Miami, Florida who envisioned having a company that will incorporate licensed massage therapist who respect their profession and are proud of what they do and will be willing to give an exceptional treatment to the client with a "Signature" touch.

We offer, both, Table or Chair massages in the areas of Miami, South Miami-Dade, the Gables, Grove and Kendall depending on the needs of the individual.

Table Massage;
As the name implies; is done on a massage table where the client is resting in a comfortable position with minimum or no clothing, depending on the comfort level of the client. The therapist offers draping, but it is up to the individual client to choose. This massage is mostly done in a private atmosphere with low lighting and soft music to help relax the senses.

Chair Massage;
A special portable massage chair enables the visiting therapist to give deserving secretaries and managers a thorough upper body massage, over their clothes and right at the work site. It is great for employee’s morale, productivity and tends to enhance management's popularity considerable.

Body Scrub and Shampoo:
The entire body will get exfoliated and cleansed and if you combine it with a massage you will be totally regenerated and ready to face the world.